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2nd Quarter

Fatima Group Learning & Development Center

L&DC Highlights
GTEs Batch-20 Graduation Ceremony at FFL site
GTEs Batch-20 Confirmation Ceremony at FFL site
GTEs Batch-20 Confirmation Session at FFL site
GTEs Batch-21 Joining at FFL site
GTEs & MTOs Connect Session with GMM at FFL site
GTEs & MTOs Dinner with GMM
GTEs Batch-18 Graduation Ceremony at PFL site
GTEs Batch-18 Graduation Ceremony, PFL
Fatima Business Academy, PFL
TUV Functional Safety Training
Kaizen 5S Training
Kaizen 5S Training
Final Presentations GTE-37
GTEs Batch-20 Final Presentation
GTEs Batch-21 Joining at FFL site
GTEs & MTOs Orientation Session by Managers
GTEs & MTOs Plant Visit at FFL Site
GTEs & MTOs Golf Match
GTEs Batch-19 Welcome at PFL site
GTEs Batch-19 Safety Orientation at PFL site
GTEs Developing Growth Mindset Session at PFL site
GTEs Batch-19 Plant Visits at PFL site
Apprentices Batch-12 Plant Handover at FFL site
Inspirational Success story for Apprentices
Apprentices Practical Training Module
Interns Joining at FFT site
Interns Joining at FFL site
Interns Connect Session with L&DC Team
International Fire Fighters Day Celebration
ECO-23 Session
TA-23 Safety & Quality Session
Visit of UET at FFT site
Iqra Postgraduate College Visit
Apprentices Batch-12 Joining
FFL School Visit in LFC
Gas Engine Operator and Maintenance
Fatima Business Academy at PFL site
GTEs & MTOs Cooking Competition at FFL site
Trade Apprentices Volleyball Match
First Aid & CPR Session
Fatima Business Academy, PFL

Manufacturing Leadership


Mr. Asghar Naveed

GM Manufacturing 

Fatima Fert. Ltd


Mr. Pervez Fateh

GM Manufacturing

Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd


Mr. Inamullah Naveed

Director Operations

Pak Arab Fertilizer Ltd

Manufacturing Sites Training Stats 

MFG stats pie.gif

Compliance: 99.95%

MFG stats bar.gif

Total Man Hours: 8122

auditorium picture.png


Manufacturing Sites 


Pak Arab Fertilizer Company Ltd

Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd

Fatima Fert. Company Ltd

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