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3rd Quarter

Fatima Group Learning & Development Center

L&DC Highlights
"A great place to work" training Session by GMM-FFL
GTEs Connect with DO, PFL
Independence Day Celebration, FFT
GTEs Connect Session with GMM, FFL
HR-Rewards Session, FFL
GOP Mid-Career Civil Servants Visit, PFL
CAESER-II (Piping Stress Analysis) Training, PFL
Evaluation & Placement of GTEs, FFT
Joining of GTEs batch-38, FFT
Inspirational Success Story for Apprentices, FFL
Aspen HYSYS Session, FFL
Visit of Beacon House Multan in PFL
LSS Yellow Belt Wave-II,PFL
Independence Day arranged by GTEs Batch-38, FFT
Workshop on RCA, FFT
FG-Business Academy
GTEs Connect Session with GMM, FFL
Trade Apprentices Batch-12 Induction and Training, PFL
MLA Level 1 Training, PFL
GTEs Batch-38 Connect Session with HR,FFT
D-level Safety Meetings, FFT
LSS Training Session, FFL
GTEs Interactive Session, PFL
Developing Growth Mindset Training, FFT
Independence Day Celebration with Trade Apprentices, FFT
Trade Apprentices Cricket Match, FFL
Planning & Schedule Workshop with PFL & FFL
eAM upgrade Training, PFL
Carriage Contractors quarterly training, PFL
GTEs Onboarding with Buddies, FFT
Field Allocation of Apprentices, FFT
GTEs Connect Session with GMM, FFL
IMS External Training Session,FFL
Fire fighter Training for ERT, PFL
ISO 29993 Onboarding by FG L&DC
Training and Certification on Scaffolding Erection, FFT
Independence Day Quiz Competition, FFT
API-570 Session, FFL
BBS Campaign, FFL
Project Management Principles Training, FFT
Effectiveness of JCC, FFL
Ownership & Reliability Session, FFL
LSS GB Certification Training, FFT
IFA Certfication Preparations, FFT
PHA Training Session, FFL
KPI's Training Session, FFL
IMS Recertification Audit, FFT
Fire Extinguisher Practical Training for GTEs, FFT
Trade Apprentices Cricket Match, FFL
GTEs Batch-20 Confirmation Dinner, FFL

Manufacturing Leadership


Mr. Asghar Naveed

GM Manufacturing 

Fatima Fert. Ltd


Mr. Pervez Fateh

GM Manufacturing

Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd


Mr. Inamullah Naveed

Director Operations

Pak Arab Fertilizer Ltd

Manufacturing Sites Training Stats 

Total Man Hours: 15,379

total bar.gif

Compliance: 94.8%

total pie.gif
auditorium picture.png


Manufacturing Sites 


Pak Arab Fertilizer Company Ltd

Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd

Fatima Fert. Company Ltd

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