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4th Quarter

Fatima Group Learning & Development Center

L&DC Highlights
MOU signing with Unilever
MOU signing with Unilever
MOU signing with Unilever
Electrical Safety Week,FFT
GTEs Connect With GMM,FFT
Celebration of best employer with GTEs, FFT
Session on Finance for nonFinancing, by GM PFL
Director Operation Connect, PFL
FG Business Value Chain Academy, PFL
Industrial Visit of LSE , FFT
Purate System Trianing by NALCO, PFL
Bently Nevada Conference, FFL
Townhall Session by HR, FFL
75M SMMH celebration, FFL
Post Mashal-e-Rah Insights, FFT
GTEs Connect Session with Corporate Manager HSE Mr. Faisal Jamal, FFL
Industrial Visit of NFC-IET, PFL
Working Principle & Calibration of Karl Fisher , PFL
Industrial Visit of Chashma, PFL
Session on API - 580, FFL
Industrial Visit of Hunar Foundation, PFL
Workplace Excellence Session by GMM, FFL
MOU signing with Unilever
Machinery's connect with GMM,FFT
Session on Finance for non-Financing, by GM PFL
Soft skill Session on Workplace Excellence by DM South Mr. Ahsan Sarfraz , FFL
Soft skill Session on Active Learning
Session on Planning & Scheduling, FFL
Session on Haldor Topsoe, FFL
Soft skill Session on Workplace Excellence
Session on ‘Operational Excellence’
Rigging Operations Training, PFL
MOU signing with Unilever
Post PSM Quiz,FFT
Session on ‘Ammonia Plant Assessment & Optimization Course’
Scaffolding Training, PFL
Mashal-e-Rah Phase 1, FFT
Mashal-e-Rah Phase 2,FFT
Post Cooking Extravaganza Celebration of GTEP 38, FFT
Line Sizing Training Session, FFL
Lifting Operations Training, PFL
Labour Laws Session, FFL
ISOIEC 17025-2017 , FFL
MOU signing with Unilever
ISO 29993-Transformer Dissolve Gas Analysis, FFL
ISO 29993-Piping Design Basis, FFT
Soft skill Session on Professional Excellence
ISO 29993 -Steam Turbine Internals and Operation, FFT
ISO 29993-Cyber Security, FFL
ISO 29993 Reliability Enhancement of Expansion Bellows, FFL
ISO- 29993 Challenges of Hydrolysis in Urea Manufacturing, FFL
Industrial Visit of UET Faisalabad, FFT
ISO 29993 -Advance Excel, FFL
Bently Nevada Conference, FFL
Industrial Visit of Mansol, FFT
Industrial Visit of KFUEIT, FFL
Industrial Visit of ICET PU, FFT
Industrial Visit of GCT BWP, FFL
HX design through Aspen and PHX design by EDR
Industrial Visit of FFL school, FFL
GTEs Connect Session with UM T&ISO, FFT
GTEP-38 Quarterly Presentations, FFT
Finance for Non Finance Managers, PFL
eAM Workflow, PFL
GROW Management Team, FFT

Manufacturing Leadership


Mr. Asghar Naveed

GM Manufacturing 

Fatima Fert. Ltd


Mr. Pervez Fateh

GM Manufacturing

Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd


Mr. Inamullah Naveed

Director Operations

Pak Arab Fertilizer Ltd

Manufacturing Sites Training Stats 

Compliance: 97.5%

Total Man Hours: 13,307
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Manufacturing Sites 


Pak Arab Fertilizer Company Ltd

Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd

Fatima Fert. Company Ltd

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